Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventures of Malorn: Trading Post

Hello Wizards! Welcome to the trading post!

We've selected the perfect spot for our new store, located in a field right between two rivers.

Here's the store itself.

We sell all sorts of things here. From swords and spears, to clothes and scuba gear. If you need anything, our shopkeeper will be happy to help!

What's over here?

It appears a new shipment of reagents has just come in. Our other mannequin should be able to sort this out. Let's keep exploring!

But let's not go this way.... It's full of dark and dangerous creatures. Like spiders, treants, frost cats, and trolls.

Plus I haven't finished it yet.

However, I have finished this part. The farming village! Let's go check it out.

But wait! Another shipment of items! What? Oh, right, I'm in the middle of a tour! Fine then, the farming village. Right.
No goat, I don't want any free samples of bamboo, but thank you anyways.

I could take a free sample of that though....

What a pleasant town.

But, there is one dark part of this town. 

A dark cave, where dwells the most horrifying creature of all time.

Rusty! AH! RUN! *runs up the mountain*

What's that?

Hmm. Well, this post is getting pretty long, and I haven't finished that part, so....
Find out next time, on the adventures of Malorn!


  1. Great house! (As always) I love reading your posts, and this is no exception. Keep it up! The Dark Cave is a nice touch, as is the dark forest.