Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Housing Showcase: Diana Wildheart

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the awesome houses of Diana Wildheart. The first house she showed me was a maze, that led to her Massive Fantasy Palace. 

After going down the hill, you come to the entrance. 

As it turns out, I'm not that great at mazes (A fact proven during my attempt of Travis Titanthief's maze). 
For those of you who, like me, aren't that great at mazes, there is another way in.

Don't quit now. Some of you may be thinking "None of this stuff matches!" (Elijah Stormheart *cough cough*) The best parts have yet to come.

 Soon, you come upon the inside of the house, where the maze continues. There, you will have to fight through....
Unicorns? Unicorns!

After this, the maze is over. Now you get to the really fun stuff....

Party room!

From there, you can take the teleporter to her MFP.

And of course, the fairgrounds wouldn't be complete without mini-games in every single tent.


On the inside she has an impressive trophy collection.

And an even more impressive mannequin collection.

I thought this house was pretty awesome, especially the arena of the MFP. If you want to see this house in person, be sure to go to Diana's Party. Info on when this is can be found on the link. Also remember to enter  the"Second Chance" Housing Contest if you haven't already. Happy House Decorating!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watchtower Hall: Outside's Done!

I'm done with the outside of the Watchtower Hall! I took these pictures yesterday, when I still hadn't added on some details, so some areas look emptier then they are now.

Two Paths, which should you take?
If you go to the right, you will come to this river (Notice the water cat, one of three that live here). In this picture, the island up ahead is empty. Since this picture was taken, I've added some trees and a lion. 

If you go through the island, you'll find another bridge.

This morning I changed this patch of woods from a wildclaw den, to a spider nest.

That side of the island is heavily populated with wild animals. This side on the other hand, has a partially cut down forest, to make way for a new settlement.

This morning I added some goat farmers.

If you cut through the crops, you'll be able to cross the other river and go to the wildclaw den.

If you go back through the farm, you'll also see a secret tunnel. The tunnel leads up to the trading post itself.

This morning I added a food cart between the piles of equipment.

I still have to add some to the tower itself, but other than that, the outside is done.

Remember to join the "Second Chance" Housing Contest if you haven't already!

Happy House Decorating!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Housing Contest Announced!

Are you a housing pro? Then this contest is for you! Head on over to the "Second Chance" Housing Contest, at Housing101 to win great treasure card prizes, and even a chance for a Death House! Happy House Decorating!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, summer is coming to a close. The hours of free time I had will now be gone. So I may not be posting as often on this blog. Every few days I'll try to make a post, but it certainly won't be every day. In these last few days of summer I was able to make another blog, Housing101. But since I won't be able to post as often, I'm making it a group blog. Anyone can join! If you are at all interested in house decorating, you should check it out. It's got interesting stuff for both housing pros and beginners alike. It's got a gallery of finished houses for you to look at, an explanation of house decoration, and even a tutorial in carpet tricks! I'll be adding even more stuff later. So far I've made 7 carpet trick lessons, explaining the basics you'll need, and a few extras. As I said above, It'll be a group blog, a bit like Bloggers of the Spiral and the WCP blog. If you want to become an author, just send an email to malornghostrider@gmail.com. Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Oh! Almost forgot the link! Check it out here!


No, I'm not leaving, as the title may have suggested. I'm saying goodbye to HiaG.
HiaG has officially been retired. See for yourself. So I made a memorial.
Although HiaG is gone, Autumn is not. She is still out there, in the spiral. But she is no longer a leader of our community. 

Thank you for all you've done Autumn.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working on the Watchtower

This morning before getting on w101 I decided to check my email again for the watchtower hall codes. They were there! Friendly must have sent them during the night. So I loaded up the game, and redeemed my prize!

I began decorating immediately. 

I'm going to line the paths with this. Medium Birch tree, fern, Small Birch tree, fern, Medium Birch tree, etc.

That will end when you get the the bridge. I'll put tree stumps and stuff to show that the trees were cut down to make way for the farm.

I wasn't sure what to make the Watchtower. The lower floors are like an attic/storage space, but the top floor may be a good party area.

Once you get inside, there are fountains to your right and left.


I also made a shower.

Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Here's an interesting thing Myrna found while working on her Watchtower.

In the watchtower hall, Wallpaper is turned sideways!

P.P.S New stuff may be coming around here, Including a contest and a new blog. This new blog will be a purely housing themed. Unlike this blog, I'll accept anyone as coauthors, to talk about their ideas on housing. UPDATE: New blog is up! Check it out here!