Sunday, August 7, 2011

*Insert Witty Title*

I haven't had much to post about these days. Some days can be pretty boring, as most of the people on my friends list are busy in wysteria. I've been working on my storm house a bit, and changed the theme around a bit, at least for the outside. The outside is now a marleybonian campsite.

I know this was a short post, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is actually a pretty big post.
I don't have too much to do these days, but if you want excitement, fun, and prizes, go participate in the new game show, "Wiz Wizards". From what I've heard, it seems pretty fun. 

Time for the question of the day!  Are the tents in these pictures.....
  A) Krokotopian Grand Tents
B) Marleybone Grand Tents
     C) Krokotopian Camping Tents
     D) Marleybone Camping Tents
You only have to put the letter, but you can put the full name too if you want.
Good Luck!




  1. A)
    ~Keep It Dead

  2. Krokotopian grand tents

  3. Wiz Wizards Sounds intresting
    I will go check it out
    -Travis WEllYouKnowTheRest

  4. Caleb LegendFlameAugust 8, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    Its obviously A because I have them too. Nice blog btw. Do I need to like do something for you to follow?

  5. What do you mean by "Do I need to like do something for you to follow"? Are you asking if there are requirements that you must fulfill to join this blog? If so, than no.

  6. Caleb LegendFlameAugust 9, 2011 at 5:03 PM

    I thought I might have to play something or gift you something in the game, just making sure. I didnt know if you wanted a complete stranger following you lol. I'll follow you :D. But one question. Do the "traps" still work in doodle doug? I tried to do what W101central said but the monsters just get me.

  7. Most of the people following me are complete strangers lol. Others were complete strangers until I friended them. As for the trapping trick, it doesn't always work. I usually go to level 8 before using the trick. If you get good, you can usually keep a good 5 or 6 lives by the time you get to that level. The trapping trick doesn't work every single time unfortunately, but that's why you have 6 lives. On levels like 8 and 9, you only have to do the trick sucsessfully twice, to get 100,000 points.

  8. UPDATE: I think the reason why it wasn't working for you is that KI has fixed the trick. It doesn't work anymore.