Sunday, August 14, 2011

Forgotten Island

The outside of this house is decorated like an explorers camp.

On the right side is the main camp.

These camps are located on the other side of the island, next to the main excavation, "the tombs".

Up the hill.

This house has many secret passages. Some go to interesting places, others are false trails.

What's this?

If you continue up the trail, you will see more tents.

Entrance to the tombs. But what's that in the corner?

Observation platform.

Once you enter the tombs you will see nothing but dark rocks. Go over the bridge and you will find the digsite.

Tomb 1: Plundered by explorers

Tomb 2: Plundered by thieves.

Tomb 3: Survived

The way out of the tombs is flooded on either end.

The explorers have been unable to open this tomb. It seems to be sealed by some kind of magic. Luckily, being wizards, that shouldn't be too difficult for us. But first, lets check out that other secret passageway.

Where could this lead?

Nowhere really.  Time to head into the astral temple.

Each room is marked by an icon.

As you might be able to tell, this is the sun room.

Star room

Moon room

Don't forget the icon!

There is also a secret passageway in this room. See it?

How about now?


Hopefully you can see it now. If not, then you may have stared at the sun room a bit too long.

Moon Party room!

Hope you liked it! My next houses will be the sunken palace, and wizards watchtower.

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