Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Housing Showcase: Diana Wildheart

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the awesome houses of Diana Wildheart. The first house she showed me was a maze, that led to her Massive Fantasy Palace. 

After going down the hill, you come to the entrance. 

As it turns out, I'm not that great at mazes (A fact proven during my attempt of Travis Titanthief's maze). 
For those of you who, like me, aren't that great at mazes, there is another way in.

Don't quit now. Some of you may be thinking "None of this stuff matches!" (Elijah Stormheart *cough cough*) The best parts have yet to come.

 Soon, you come upon the inside of the house, where the maze continues. There, you will have to fight through....
Unicorns? Unicorns!

After this, the maze is over. Now you get to the really fun stuff....

Party room!

From there, you can take the teleporter to her MFP.

And of course, the fairgrounds wouldn't be complete without mini-games in every single tent.


On the inside she has an impressive trophy collection.

And an even more impressive mannequin collection.

I thought this house was pretty awesome, especially the arena of the MFP. If you want to see this house in person, be sure to go to Diana's Party. Info on when this is can be found on the link. Also remember to enter  the"Second Chance" Housing Contest if you haven't already. Happy House Decorating!



  1. WOW! This house is extremely impressive! Thanks for sharing with all of the pictures!

  2. Nice house! Its realy impressive expecially the trophys. Wish u good luck with Housing101! (Also menchined on Travis TitansThief blog lol)

  3. It was a really fun house to tour, especially the MFP. My favorite part was the arena. When I went though, she said she wasn't finished with the arena. To see it finished, be sure to go to her party on September 9.