Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dorms, Dorms, Dorms

I haven't had much to do lately. I've just been waiting for the new houses (which from a hint on the test realm loader, I think will be arriving early next week). I've hit max gold, so no point in farming (although for no reason at all I did farm Akilles this morning, winning some bat wing rentals and a blue ghost). I decided to think up ideas for what I'll do with the new houses. I think the wizard's watchtower will be a library.
Here's an idea of what it might look like. As for the sunken palace, it may be a hotel, it may be a restaurant. It may become Malorn's Mansion, or it may be something entirely different. I need your help to think up an idea! Post any ideas you have in the chat box

I've also been making other dorm rooms. Some were entries in the many house-a-palooza contests, and others I just made for the heck of it. I may post pictures of those dorms after house-a-palooza is over.

Time for the random news segment of the post! As you may have noticed, I have a new look. I don't really like it. I'll only keep it until the new houses come off of test realm, then I'll make a Wizard's Watchtower look! Another cool thing is teleporters! Apparently there's been a change in the recipe. Now there are 6 or 7 different teleporter housing items. Each one has a different color and recipe. Apparently they don't have school restrictions! So I think everyone will just be making the yellow ones, because they require a few reagents (that can be bought in celestia), and ten earthquakes. I checked the bazaar to see how many earthquakes were there. There were 100. Yeah, not too hard. I just have to get to master artisan first! Which means I have to get crowns to buy the area where the cloak recipe is bought. So it won't happen for a while. OR, I could get 10,000 crowns, and get a new card pack! This pack gives 6 teleporter housing items for only 9995 crowns. Wow! Apparently you can use teleporters to go from one house to the other. This could be awesome for parties. Just imagine having a party that stretched across 3 houses, or if you had an MFP and MSP, 5 houses! Wow! Or you could make a maze that stretches 3 houses! Travis Titanthief, I'm talking to you here. You have to make a maze stretching though all 5 of your houses. Your one house maze is impossible enough. Multiply that by 5, IMPOSSIBLE! You could even make an awesome contest, with major rewards for the winner (hint hint)....

Until next time, happy house decorating!


Wizard101 has come to china!

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