Friday, August 19, 2011

No. New. Houses. AJFHASDJGHSDJLGHL!!!!!!!

You know I'm annoyed when I start typing random letters. They had the new houses in test realm. They were awesome. But on the update notes today, they took them off! Also, they weren't in Wysteria, Wizard City, or Celestia anywhere. There is a Wysteria housing shop, but it only sells reagents (and the wand shop sells athames, and the pet shop sells snacks). Personally, I don't think "black coal" is a suitable home, but hey, those pigs from Wysteria are crazy. On the bright side, the new Wyvern's Hoard pack gives out tons of cool stuff! Some things are new housing items, like great birch tree, bird cage, and bird bath. Some things are just crafted and rare housing items that they threw in. These things can be bought at the bazaar. Now my 10 Large Willow trees aren't that impressive, because there's 30 in the bazaar.... There's also new wallpaper!

Wow. If only I had a new house to put it in. ASKHFAKSLH!!! Ah well. My guess is that KI is going to put the new houses in after, or near the end of, house-a-palooza. Happy House Decorating!


P.S. UPDATE: According to this link....
You can win such housing items as wooden well, bamboo grove and a chicken coop! Also there are four (EDIT: 5, Jade, Golden, Fire, Cloud, Shadow) different Wyvern Mounts, chances at crafted items, and new gear! Plus new pets!

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