Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working on the Watchtower

This morning before getting on w101 I decided to check my email again for the watchtower hall codes. They were there! Friendly must have sent them during the night. So I loaded up the game, and redeemed my prize!

I began decorating immediately. 

I'm going to line the paths with this. Medium Birch tree, fern, Small Birch tree, fern, Medium Birch tree, etc.

That will end when you get the the bridge. I'll put tree stumps and stuff to show that the trees were cut down to make way for the farm.

I wasn't sure what to make the Watchtower. The lower floors are like an attic/storage space, but the top floor may be a good party area.

Once you get inside, there are fountains to your right and left.


I also made a shower.

Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Here's an interesting thing Myrna found while working on her Watchtower.

In the watchtower hall, Wallpaper is turned sideways!

P.P.S New stuff may be coming around here, Including a contest and a new blog. This new blog will be a purely housing themed. Unlike this blog, I'll accept anyone as coauthors, to talk about their ideas on housing. UPDATE: New blog is up! Check it out here!

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