Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Nearly) Invincible

Today I finally finished a Waterworks Run. The only good loot I got was my legendary hat, and some mega-snacks. When I went to the bazaar, I was about to sell the Tragic Tunic, one of the robes I won from defeating Sylster (as the above picture shows). It gave 30% death resist. That gave me an idea....

At the bazaaar I got death resist boots and hat, to go with my death resist robes. To top it off, my pet has 8% resist as well. Altogether, it gave me 80% death resist. The above picture is of a bladed vampire doing 70 damage. Ha!

I decided to go do some practice pvp, joining fights against only death students. My greatest comeback was when I was killed in a 2v2 by a fire student. The pyromancer also managed to bring my ice ally down to about 1000 health before she (the ice) was able to kill the him. All that was left was the ice, against the enemy death student (who still had 3000 health). The ice gave me a spritely. I didn't have enough pips to heal yet, so I used a shield. I had 120 health. The enemy pulled out a wraith, that, even with the shield, should have finished me. It did 30 damage. I healed with sacrifice (which, thanks to my resist, only did about 20 damage before healing me up 700). The next turn we Snow Angeled and
Pirated, for the win.  I also bought some gear that resists 45% to all schools, but I don't like it as much.
I'm not quite invincible, but death enemies sure have a tough time taking me down. Even though I'm not invincible, it is possible to completely resist a school. Just check this out!
(Sorry, no video on the post, wouldn't upload)
And here's a post about the video from The Friendly Necromancer 


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