Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Journey to Max Gold

Two posts ago, I announced that after farming for an hour I had acquired 100,000 gold. After that post, every time I got on, not as many of my farming friends were on. I managed to do a little farming with them, getting 40,000 gold. This left me with another 60,000 gold until max gold (200,000, which is also the amount of two crowns houses [these being the new houses]). I also realized that my attic was at 350 items, with two houses still full. The attic was too full to pick up any more items, and also too full to sell houses for some reason. So I emptied the attic, sold, emptied, sold, and emptied some more until finally I was at 299. Then I picked up everything in my Island house. I repeated the process until I was able to successfully empty and sell two houses (Island and Dragonspyre). All of this only got me 20,000 gold. Mainly because most of the housing items sold for around 100-200. No friends were on, so I fought some easy Celestian bosses. This got me up to 188,000 gold. I went back to my attic and grabbed some of the more expensive housing items that I hadn't already sold, and went to the bazaar.
At 190,000 gold I got this message from Zeke.

I ignored the hint and continued selling brazier posts, until I got to 199,000. It seems KI doesn't want us to waste our gold. Thanks KI! Unfortunately this made a bit of a problem. I sold some reagents and snacks and got up to 199,900. I couldn't find anything to sell that was exactly 100. 

Then I thought of actual gold. The kind you win from fights. Most people ignore it, and focus only on the loot that they can sell. The normal gold is really the only way to get up to 200,000. So I went to Wintertusk to fight some easy street ravens, only to see a silver chest on the way. I won the game, and won some gold too. Now I just have to wait for the houses to come out. And I hope they come soon, because I can't sell anything until they do....
Happy House Decorating!


P.S. Which of the new houses do you like best? Vote on the poll!


  1. Eventually I LOSE all my money some way or the other :P You are one of the lucky ones

  2. By "lose" do you mean that you spent it on random stuff before you've saved it up? That happens to me a lot lol. I know some people who say that 50,000 gold is "poor". For me, poor is when I can't buy any housing items. So pretty much less than 500.