Thursday, August 11, 2011


Phew. It's been a while since I last posted. Well actually, only a few days, but for me that's a while. I've only had a little bit of time to be on w101, and no time at all to write a decent sized blog post. Summer is coming to an end, so all the free time I had is gone. Oh well. Although I haven't been able to get on a lot, I have managed to add on to my house, and level up my pet.

Not bad. Although, he's only used the pierce spell twice, and one of those times it was on an enemy that didn't even have a shield. Oh well.
Also, there are some new stuff wizard101 has come out with! First is the samoorai pet, second is house-a-palooza! What's that you say? Well I just saw it a minute ago here! The official page is here!
If you go to the second link, you'll see that it says 50 new housing items. YESSSS!!!!!! 
Thank you KI. Because of this I'll forgive you for taking away to doodle doug trick (Did you guys hear about that? You can't do the trick any more! So I probably won't be doing the daily contest any more....) I can't wait to see some of those new housing items! In the second link (or the above picture) they reveal one, a cool looking carpet. Who knows, maybe they'll even release a new house! Can't wait to find out. Remember, all that starts tomorrow! 

Now for an update on my storm house. I've mostly been working on marleybone camps, and tombs. I already showed you guys my work on the astral temple

Campsite 1

There are two campfires in campsite 1, as well as one other in campsite 2.

Campsite 2, campfire.

Campsite 2, table and supplies.

The secret path. I think I already went down that on my previous post

Lots of willows.

I also used my large collection of bamboo in this house.

The Sea Caves still need some more ancient columns.

Here we are inside. I'm trying to make this entrance room a marleybone camp, but I need to figure out a way to put krok grand tents inside (they're outside only items, and they don't fit on the metal floor platforms).

This desk is really the only thing I've made in this room.

And now, time for the tombs. There are 3 tombs in all. The first has been excavated by the explorers. All the treasures have been taken away, to fancy museums in regents square it would seem.

Tomb 2 has been untouched by the explorers, but has been plundered before. The Sarcophogus' s glow isn't as magical when there is smoke coming from it.

Though the first two tombs were plundered, the third survives.

Hope you guys liked it! Only one more day until house-a-palooza! I can't wait. Pet-a-palooza and mount-a-palooza were ok, but this is awesome. Should be great!
Happy House Decorating!


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