Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lots. Of. Stuff.

First off, we have 45 followers! Only 5 more till the big 50! We getting followers pretty quickly (3 since yesterday), so my idea of hundreds of KI free games codes may not come true. I will however, have lots of KI free games code giveaways on the site, and a party that will have tons of card giveaways.

What else? Oh yeah. Wysteria. I like how KI made a "mini-world". This tiny world only has three areas! But it looks pretty awesome. From what I've gathered from blog posts and videos, it's one of the center areas of the spiral. Although the main inhabitants are pigs, it has many other visitors too, like satyrs, yetis, manders, and people from the worlds of Weirwood, and Mirage. Could these worlds be continuations of the Morganthe questline? I can see how the inhabitants of Mirage would have trouble with her. From what it looks like, they're rabbits. All I can say about this, is that Ambrose should really think about redecorating Ravenwood. Pigswick has much better scenery (one of their schools didn't just happen to fall into a pit!), and they have cool hats.

I also heard there are some new housing items out, both on test (Celestian Teleporter crafted item), and in real (Krok Stuff).

So yeah. That's really all I have for now. Time for the question of the day! What is the name of the headmistress of pigswick? Good Luck!

P.S. I'd like to share this portrait of ambrose with you guys.


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  1. Headmistress Belladonna Crisp!

  2. Belladonna Crisp is the headmistress of Pigswick.
    Malorn SwiftSword

  3. I suppose it would be cool if afer you defeated Malistaire the Death School could be there along with the other schools in RW...