Sunday, September 4, 2011

Decorating the Wizard's Watchtower

My newest house's theme is "Overgrown Tower". The main idea is  "What would Dragonspyre be like if it got the 'Wysteria Curse'?". So I started out with making the outer grounds just like a normal Wizard City/Pre-Apocalypse Dragonspyre. I even added floating candles.

I didn't have enough candles to float over the entire grounds, so I'll have to get more later.

Eventually you'll get to the castle itself. There you'll see giant vines crawling over the walls.

There's that Celestian Magician again. He always has to be so dramatic doesn't he? 
Remember this?

If you can manage to drag your eyes away from the dramatic "statue-in-a-hand-in-a-hand-in-a-whirlpool", then you'll be able to go inside. It looks like the vines managed to break through the windows.

The vine-choked statue still burns with the same fury. Apparently the vines are fire-proof, making them even more difficult to get rid of (Where are those Garden Imps when you need them?)
This passage seems vine free....

Never mind.

I've made a few other rooms, but I haven't completed them yet. They include an survivor's room (lots of food crates), and the heart of the plant (tons of plants, and venus fly traps). I'll post pictures of those as soon as I've finished.

Remember to enter the "Second Chance" Housing Contest if you haven't already. You still have until Friday to enter!
Happy House Decorating!


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