Monday, September 12, 2011

A Change in Theme

I decided to change around the theme a bit for my Wizard's Watchtower. Progress has been really slow, because I haven't been able to get on much, and the few times I have been on, I've been trying to save money to give to the winners of my contest. I have managed to make a little progress on my house though. I made a ring of triple stacked hedges around the spiral door area (picture wouldn't upload for some reason), and a stage for a band I'll be making later on.
This is just after the spiral door hedge ring. The hedges continue all the way down to the lake.

There's the entrance to the stage.

Singing Statues

When I got the benches, I realized you couldn't see them in the dark. I tried using torches and other flames, but these candles worked best.

As you can see, I haven't hired the band yet. I'm thinking of hiring 'King Parsley'. I might put some Trumpet Vines too. I'd love to put some Coach Potatoes, and float a piano over their TV, so it looks like they're playing a duet, but there's no large soil pots, only medium and small (you need a pot to put them on the stage). I'll try to find another plant that looks somewhat like a human, to play the piano. That's all for now, so....

Happy House Decorating!



  1. You could craft some mannequins, if you're up for the challenge

  2. Hahaha, can I perform at night? I play great jazz. It would be so awsome if you made little tables with drinks and dinner, like a club. The Plant Band idea was preety good. Also, where can you get mannequins? I have been wondering what they are....

  3. Mannequinns are a Marleybone crafted item. Recipe is bought from the dog right outside digmoore station.

  4. I like the hedges! Your housing ideas are always very inspiring! Thanks!