Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weird Loading Signs

Ok, I'm not truly back, but I decided to post something I've found interesting.

My computer has been REALLY slow lately. When I log on, all my housing items are crates, or bright red. I also saw some interesting things in the loading things. Loading things help a lot for theorycrafting and finding new pets (I remember I predicted the Patriotic Leprechaun using this a while ago....). So here are some of the weird things I've been seeing! You may want to click on the picture to get a better view of the loading thing.
Armored Skeleton, people have been looking for this one, they think it might be a hybrid. Check out this link for a full post on all of the secret pets wizards are looking for.

This one says "Wolverine", but I have a feeling that's just the wildclaw pet, saved under a different name.

Armored Skeleton again.

White Tiger (Possibly another name for the Meowmadon?)

Jaguar! New mount?

Lightning Bats!
Fire Avenger? Possibly the name for the fire elf pet? (Another pet people are looking for).

Anyways, I just thought these were pretty cool. Oh, and don't forget to check out my new group blog Housing101. Until next time, Happy House Decorating!


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  1. Cool! Lightning bats are already in the game, and I think the fire elf might look like those brown ones in firecat ally. Nice post! FUTURE ITEMS FTW!

  2. I'm laughing because Armored Skeleton is probably the file name for the Skeleton pet dropped by Snowcrusher. I think Chase Willowweaver still has one. It was def. in test realm.

  3. I was in Dragonsypre once and I saw this kid with a lightning bat pet. I took photos and looked at it until the kid logged off. I still don't have the pet. Now I want the Death Bat...anyway, cool post. Also, I really want to go to that planet in your picture. It's from a Celestian house isn't it?

    Bye and kiss a Gremlin(not really but take a pic if you do! ^^

  4. Yes, that it from the celestian planet, but I don't think it's possible to reach. It's just a background image, like the clouds in the wizard city houses. I also saw two more cool loading sign images recently. One said robe stand, the other said blacksmith tongs. New housing items? The blacksmith tongs certainly sounds like WT housing to me....

  5. Lol. Today I just found a new one. "Dill Piggle". Lol!

  6. Aha! And "Golden Unicorn" And "Storm Bird" And "Bird Wings" (New Mount?)