Monday, March 21, 2011

6 New Hybrids

Ok, I was reading around the blogs and found Journal of a heal tank. On there I noticed that he had said this....

"Apparently, according to information from THE PET MASTER, Frank Howard told him at PAX that these new Hybrids are actually the new Holiday pets, and there are 6 or 7 of them Total. Considering there are 6 WC pets, I'd probably say there would be 6 total.

Unicorn + Helephant = Nightmare (Black horse, flaming hooves, mane, and tail)

Dragon + Colossus = Pet Egg (egg w/ Duck feet)

Imp + ??? = ???

Piggle + ??? = ???

Bloodbat + ??? = ???

Firecat + ??? = ???"

It's nice to know that it that there are more. Then he goes on to say this....
"One of these hybrids is supposed to be a 4th of July style pet, and rumors abound about a Patriotic Leprechaun," Oh! So that's what that weird loading thing meant...

Can't wait for everyone to find out what the new pets are!
Happy Pet Hatching!


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  1. yes i think i found a hybrid here is a link to my blog to see