Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kingsisle Answers

Hey Guys, I was just wandering around Wizard101 Central, when I saw this. It was started a while ago by Paige Moonshade. If you read it, KI gives away a lot of interesting information about future plans and whatnot. The last post was March 9, and topics that were discussed included....
Enchantments on Power Nova
The World that Proffesor Balestrom (and Plunkett) come from
Drop rates
And more!

If you read through the different posts, a lot of interesting topics come up. My favorites were
1. the reason that certain death spells (all drains to be exact [spells such as wraith and vampire that heal you as well as hurting the enemy]) couldn't be given sun spells like tough, strong, or gargantuan. Apparently KI says they will fix this on the next major update! Can't wait to stick a gargantuan on my scarecrow! You guys should really check it out.
And 2. What the skeletal pirate guy is actually saying. Apparently he is commanding me to thoroughly wash a voltaic eel. Hmm.
 Until next time!


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