Saturday, March 19, 2011

Night Time Mode in the Trial of Spheres

I was just walking around my house when suddenly....
The shaded friend face is always the first sign of night time mode.
I had always wondered what the Trial of Spheres looked like in the dark, so I gathered a team and went out to explore. Some areas don't look to much different, but others are pretty cool.

 Puzzle room is a bit darker, so the lights shine a bit brighter.
Darn Astreaus took us a while, but we eventually got him and his minion down.

The moon room looked pretty cool.

Dragon in th moon room.

And then we come to the sun area. Because of night time mode, the sky was pitch black, and the fire illuminated the night sky. It was pretty cool.
 Here are some pics of the fight.

I finally took out Mithraya with a gargantuan pirate. Also, here is what the character selection screen looks like....

Kind of hard to see who's who. As for my house, I've gotten almost all the pets, finished hall of the mountain goats, and am putting the finishing touches. Can't wait to finish this thing! Happy Dueling!


  1. That is just plain awesome. ESPECIALLY the Sun room :O. Btw, in your last post, that Basket item is from a boss you don't have to fight in Winterdeep Warren (forgot name, check a GH Furniture guide I guess).

  2. Oh, thanks! Yea, Nighttime node is pretty cool. I've already explored most of celestia at night, but next time it comes I might try Dragonspyre.

  3. The Heroic PyromancerMarch 19, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    Yeah! The Nighttime mode returns!!
    I, too, like the Sun room. And the puzzle room. How do you keep getting these nighttime modes?
    See you in the Spiral! ~The Heroic Pyromancer

  4. I have no idea how or why they appear. It may just be a glitch that happens only to my computer. But it ALWAYS happens around 8 or 9pm or later, and happens almost every time I am on at 8 or 9 pm.

  5. I think its a feature Kingsisle added.