Monday, March 14, 2011

The Island: The Final Area (sort of)

Well, I am almost done with the house. Let's see the checklist.
Camp: Check
Coral Reef:: Check, except pets
Mander Village: Check
Brutus' Lair: Check
Secret Path: Check
Moodha's Tomb: Check
Krok Camp: Check
Puzzle Room: Check
Spear Room: Check except mannequin. I want to craft a mannequin, and dress them as a famous person from the wizard101 community. I was originally thinking of making it look like The Friendly Necromancer, but his clothes are somewhat difficult to obtain. So I was thinking Kevin Battleblood. Of course, It would be polite to ask if I could spear him through the face at my house first. If that doesn't work I'll do someone from the game, like Malorn Ashthorn or Penny Dreadfull.
Spider Room: Um, there aren't any spiders yet.... but other then that, Check!
Boulder Room: Check
Drill Room: Check
Crystal Caves: Check, And here are some pics!
Hmm, kind of hard to see the entrance to the cave (from the drill room). Let's shed some light on the matter.
Ah Collosus! *runs as fast as can*
Phew, Once out of the cave you come upon a ton of palm trees....

This area I call
Palm Boulevard: Check, except the Bloodbats I am going to put haning around here.
As you can see, it's quite a Jungle around here!
When you finally get out you will see
The Goat Gardens: Check, except the Goats.
Here, the peasant Goats farm the land to supply food for the big fat greedy goats who live in
The Hall of the Mountain Goats: Not Check, only the walls have been set up....

This will probably be the the last post before I give you guys the finished tour of the house. If any of you guys want to explore the house yourself, either leave a comment, or send me a message on central. Happy House Decorating!


  1. Hey, Malorn!
    This is Talon Thunderblade here.
    May I explore your house?

    March 19
    8:00 pm Central
    unicorn realm area 1
    meet up at Mooshu, Moodha statue.
    -The Heroic Pyromancer
    p.s.I'm in red and yellow Dragonspyre gear.

  2. The Moodha Statue in Jade Palace I assume? Ok, see ya there!

  3. Yup. That is correct, the Moodha statue in Jade Palace. One question: Is your friend list full?
    Off topic: Odin's Beard! Wintertusk! A whole new world!
    New pets...
    New spells...
    continuation on Crab Alley and Grizzleheim.
    I can't wait!!
    See you in the Spiral! (literally) -The Heroic Pyromancer

  4. No, I do not believe my list is full. But if ever I find that it is, I have another account with a little level one Malorn Ghostrider that I call my port bus. People friend him, he ports to me, they port to him, and everyone is at my house.

  5. The Heroic PyromancerMarch 16, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    Um, do you mind adding me as a friend? (your main character)
    If you do, that's fine.
    -The Heroic Pyromancer
    p.s. Did you here/read about the new pet NIGHTMARE? It's this jet black horse with golden hair that gives a Meteor Strike item card that's a pet! It can be hatched by breeding a Helephant and a Unicorn. It's a hybrid! SYITS!

  6. Oh, Sorry starfishlover108, I didn't see this comment until today! But we can definently find a new time for you to tour the house. When do you think would be good?