Friday, March 11, 2011

The Island: Inside is Done

Since my last full length housing post, I've improved my house quite a lot, but it is still nowhere near finished. Before starting on the inside, I improved a few things.

First improvement was the campsite. I have some scuba gear (I may craft a helmet later) a campfire, a broken robot, and a survey level. That's the little thing to the left of the campfire. After grabbing it from the bazaar,  I realized it was the final celestia housing item I needed to be able to say that I owned every single celestia housing drop. The second thing I improved was the area I previously called simply, the forest ruins. Now I have changed that to the lost tomb of moodha.

I have to say, that's one of my favorite parts of the house. Well that or the drill room....
The drill room if you're wondering is inside the temple itself. So I guess I should show you guys that huh?

When you first enter, you can see only a book, three tablets, and a wall of trees. Let's see what that book says. *reads* Oh, it says to follow the path of the dead. Well let's see, I know that trees aren't living creatures, so let's try that path.

Oh darn, it's a dead end. Well what were those other tablets? Snake and Cow Skull right?
Well snakes definently can't be living creatures, so let's try that path too.

Nope, dead end. Well, the only other choice is cow skull.

What's this? A secret passage hidden behind the tablet?

If I follow this path up a few feet, I will find two rooms.

To the left is the armory, don't touch any of the weapons though, or the spear traps will be triggered. You can see one poor explorer has already had to deal with that. Ouch.

In this room, I will float Brown Spider pets. The only reason I don't have them now is because pets are expensive. Those things cost 5000 gold. I know that isn't really that bad, but for me to get enough to cover this room could cost anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 gold! I'm leaving off pets until later, when I am almost done. Let's go check out that crypt area over there.

Lot's of mummies, they completely line the walls of this area.

After surviving the boulder, you will come across the drill room I spoke of earlier.

Now how can I get out? The way is blocked by rocks!

The secret is wood planks I floated over the drills, that form a sort of bridge over and around.

There are a lot of drills, I think five or six of them. You will keep following them until....

Freedom! Where will this tunnel lead? The final area of the house! I plan on making the cave area a crystal cavern, while making the last stretch of jungle a goat inhabited garden lined with Easter Island Heads. Happy House Decorating!


  1. Hey, Malorn!
    Those were some awesome pictures of the Island Getaway! Love the details.
    Post more pictures!
    -The Heroic Pyromancer

  2. VERY nice! You're giving Paige some competition ;)