Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Want To Be on my Blogroll?

As you can see, I've been making some changes to the site. The background is only temporary, until I can get a better picture. Also, I've made a blogroll. I don't have many blogs on it right now, so if you want your blog on it, just comment on this post (or any later posts) with the name of your blog, and I'll add it on there. As for all the short posts I've been making, sorry. I've been busy working on my Island House a lot, and will post when the inside is done. I'm almost done with that part though, so I promise to make a longer post soon. Until next time!



  1. Hi Malorn! Can't wait for the next full-length post. I'd be honored to be on your blogroll:

    Blaze Stormthief

  2. Hi, I see you have mine and Zaolan's blog Stormy Skies already added to your list. Thank you so much! I'll add your blog to our roll right now to return the favor. Keep up the good work with the blog. And if you need any help with anything don't hesitate to send us an email (found on our site) or a tweet (again, found on our site) or even just a comment asking us. We'll do what we can to help.

  3. Hey Malorn! I would be honored if you would include my blog on your list and if you would include my website which is:

    on your links section. I will make sure to add your blog to both of my sites xD Also please check out my youtube channel and twitter which you can find links on my sites.

    Thanks A LOT! XD
    Blaze Shadowhorn