Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Island: The Beginning

As you should all know, Celestia Houses are out! Right as I heard that, I got on and bought myself one. I have so many great ideas for this house, but here are a few that I've already made....
First we have the Krok fort. I plan on making a storyline for this house. Let's just say the Kroks are the bad guys. One of my favorite parts of this fort is Little Bubba in the corner. You may want to click on the picture to be able to see him. He is the little crab I put inside the "Shark Cage". To create the Shark Cage I used a method Paige Moonshade calls "Blending" Basically it's where you use a carpet trick to mix two or more housing items together to make something new. If you have questions on how to do this, leave a post.
Today I plan on working on the beach. Might make a coral reef and a Mander Village....



  1. @Deni The Frost Giant Post- Level 11 PvP Warlord?

    I know they have low health but they are vulnerable to getting banned.I Have buddies who did this and got muted and some banned for a week (for this).

    ~The Frost Giant~

  2. @The Frost Giant-It would probably be best to have you keep this conversation on your blog, and not here. Let the comments here be based on the post.
    P.S. I am no longer Deni, I am Malorn Ghostrider.