Thursday, February 24, 2011


I finally became legendary today! I decided to do some celestia quests for a bit, bringing me within 500 xp of my goal. Unfortunately, all of my other celestia quests involved defeating large quantities of enemies for my xp. So I looked through my questbook for some easy quests. I found one marleybone side quests I hadn't finished that involved collecting sand. I did that for a bit, bringing me up to level 60.

Also, while I was sitting at the bazaar I saw someone with this cool pet.
I believe it is a hybrid of two death scarabs. Pretty cool pet though!
As for test realm, I think it's taking too long. Hurry up before I spend all my money on cool housing items! Every day I see more and more cool stuff at the bazaar. Luckily I have Stormriven to regenerate my gold.


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