Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Island: Test Realm Testing is Going Well.

Ok, so I've been testing out new ideas on my island home. One thing that really interests me is the area beyond where you're allowed to walk. A simple carpet trick allowed me to go to the treetops and beyond....

Then I looked at that sea. Many things could be done there. First idea is an island....

Of course, in real realm I would actually have to craft that grassy mound I used as the island. My other idea was a pirate ship made of crates. I know many people wanted a pirate ship as one of the celestia houses. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Lucky for us, we have crates! Crates can be used for all sorts of things. So sometime I will definently try to make a pirate ship. As for the rest of the house, I've gotten some great ideas for the outside. As for the inside, it needs many things that cannot be easily bought in test realm.
So here are the pics of the outside.

I was never able to craft this in real realm because of the lack of Grendleweed at the bazaar. But in test realm, everyone decides to sell all of their reagents (That's probably why those people sold the Grassy Mounds and Water Towers I bought, my guess is that the owner of those was trying to build a Grizzleheim house, but decided to try out the celestia one instead).

In real realm I will also try to start gardening some. It would be really nice if this island had some Venus Fly Traps or some other bright plants and flowers.


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