Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Me Like the New Houses

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I'll make it up to you by making this a super packed post. As you all know, the test realm is up for new houses, new wallpaper, membership privileges, and some other stuff. But when I read the news, I ignored everything but the new houses. True, they are a bit small, but they make up for it by being awesome. One is crowns, one is crafted. I can't craft very difficult things, so I ignored the crafted one. Plus the fact that SOMETHING was wrong, whether a KI mess up or just my computer, there was something wrong with this house. The strange thing is, it only happened in this one house, only on the inside.
And really, it didn't even affect the entire inside, the observatory part was just fine, as these photos proove.

Other than that there was one other glitch I found. I don't think it affects anyone else though. It is a problem with the grizzleheim wallpaper. You see, all of them except the stars and stripes one, turn red when you put them down. See for yourselves!

Weird huh?

So I've left wallpaper off of my little island hut. As for the hut, I experimented with it a bit, and once I found out it's potential, I ripped apart my old jungle, all thoughts of the Mayan Pyramid vanishing with it. This house is pretty amazing I think, and I built it in just over an hour. Here are the pics.

 Myrna actually thought of this one, a sand Sphinx!

I like this part, it's an indiana jones style things, with the falling boulder! At the end there is a little pedestal I will put a crystal on in real realm.
 Ha I ain't scared of no boulders!
 Ah! Never Mind!

 This is the grove area of my house, in real realm I'll put flowers and stuff around here

 This is the cave, I didn't know where to put my shark heads at first, then I remembered this cool little area.

This is the main hall, I know there isn't much on the inside, but I've been working mostly on the outside. Even though this is test realm, I didn't use any of the crowns given to me to buy this stuff. Well, maybe I did buy two of the Wildclaws in the grove, but that's it. All this stuff came from my old Jungle house. I don't regret destroyg it, when I build this on real realm, it will be MUCH better than that thing ever was. Of course I gotta get 100,000 gold first. Won't be too hard, just a bit of celestia farming.


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  1. Love the boulder.

    -Natalie Lotusthief