Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost There

I haven't been on very often, but I've still managed to get up to 80,000 gold, I'm almost there! I'll probably have the money by tomorrow, then I just have to wait for the houses to come off of test realm. I'm thinking of putting tons of traps and stuff on the inside, for example, using a carpet trick to put the marleybonian driller inside of a wall so only the drill sticks out. I might put a few of these around the room, and put small carpets up on the wall as a sort of maze to get out. I've got lots of other great ideas for this house, and in my opinion it will greatly exceed the achievements of my old jungle house. The house I made on test realm prooved that. It won't be hard to recreate that house I made on Test Realm, I didn't use crowns to buy anything on that house other then two little wildclaws, and of course the house itself. I have big ideas for this new house, I can't wait to start decorated!


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