Saturday, February 12, 2011

I love the Bazaar

The Bazaar is my favorite place in the spiral. You can get so many great things from there. Recently, I have obtained some objects that aren't at the bazaar often. For example....
There were over 200 Black Pearls at the bazaar the other day. I remembered to take a screenshot after buying a few. Other than that, I have gotten a few very nice housing Items at the bazaar. Like....
Not just one, but two Stone Fountains. These fountains can only be crafted by Master Artisans, a recipe bought in Dragonspyre. Also, earlier today I got some nice crafted items on test realm. I wish it was on real realm, but oh well. I got....
 Four Grassy Mounds, Master Aritsan crafted item from Dragonspyre.
Four Wooden Water Towers, Also a Master Artisan crafted item from Dragonspyre.
The last things I got, were four large willow trees. Unfortunately this was on test realm as well. So on real realm I just have to stick with my two large willows. They are definently my favorite trees, their only problem is their height. Most people don't even notice them! So I made a little carpet staircase all the way up to the top, and stuck a Grassy Mound on top. I originally tried putting the Grassy Mounds out at Sea, sort of like little islands.
I later decided against it, but seriously, that ocean is really asking for a pirate ship made of crates to be built out there. I'm going to have to try that sometime.
Anyways, with the small carpet staircase, I built it up above the trees. One day I will try to build one up to the tob of the little mountain. Here are the pics.

Other cool things I've gotten out of the bazaar are a Pavilion, a crafted Weapon Rack, Tons of Celestia housing, and three of the minigames, I think it's potion motion, dueling diego, and sorcery stones. All in all, I love the bazaar. It's where I buy 95% of my stuff, and sell everything I don't want (except the no auction stuff of course).

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