Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pics of My Celestial Observatory

Thanks to the fact that KI made the Celestial Observatory 10 crowns, I got my own! But after decorating a bit I realized that there were some decorating problems. Whereas houses like the Wizard City houses can be decorated many ways, the celestial observatory can really only be decorated one way. Celestia Themed. Just imagine putting mooshu stuff in there. But I guess it's the kind of house that you don't really need to decorate much to impress people. Here are some of the pics!

Love that house. After that, I decided to get on real realm for a minute or two, and got a couple of cool things at the bazaar.
Ok first thing is the big pink thing on the wall. It's called the Celestian Shield. Only about 690 gold. On the far left you see the fire pit thing. It's called the foul cauldron. I used to have a pit almost identical to it, but it had a lid. This one doesn't, so you get to see the foul concoction inside. Right above the cauldron you see a Paper Lantern Stand. Only about 500 gold. Then there are the two Raven Braziers and below that are the two stone markers. And on the far right is my fourth Power Orb. All of these, except the Foul Cauldron and the Power Orb, are under 1000 gold. That's just a reminder that not all the cool stuff is expensive.


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