Friday, March 4, 2011

The Island: A Good Start

I haven't been on too much since my last post, as it turns out my membership expired. Since I am already Legendary, and don't plan on making another character to level up again, I might not renew my subscription. Instead I might buy some areas of Celestia with crowns. That way I can continue doing what I like best. House Decorating. Speaking of house decorating, here's what I have so far.

 The Campsite, I will obviously improve it, the only thing there right now is a tent.

This is my coral reef. Probably later, when I am adding the final touches I will but a few star fish to hang around in it.
 If you follow the reef, you will find the entrance to what appears to be a village.
 Oh, yes that is a village! If you go through the village you will see the entrance to a scary forest. Go through the forest a bit and you will see....

 The cave of Brutus the Horrible. It's kind of hard to see Brutus in this picture, but oh well. If you go to the right you will see a path.

Now naturally, you would want to go through those palm tree arches, but there is also a secret path. Try going to the left....
 Going down the secret path.
 A cliff!
 Now I can spy on my enemies, HAHAHA. Actually they're not my enemies, they are just friends of my friends of my friends. I told some of my friends to port and soon there was a massive party.
 Now if you go through those palm arches I talked about earlier, you will come upon the forest ruins.
 If you go through the shrines on the right you will find....
 Krok Fort!
 Don't worry Bubba I'll get you out!
 Past the Krok Fort is the entrance to the Temple of Death. What will Malorn find there?
I might be able to get a video of my house for you guys, apparently one of the people at the party was recording, so until I find it, Happy House Decorating!


  1. where do you get all those big trees? its so many of them lol

  2. Very nice! Mine is a lot more stuck to the Floating Lands :P. @Travis those are Large Willow Trees, drop from Praetor Mako (Crustacean Empire) or you can snipe for them at the Bazaar.

  3. Thanks! Actually most of those are the large tree stumps that you can get at the celestia housing shop, but yes I do have five large willow trees. Got four from the bazaar and one from Mako.

  4. i tried making rug glitches but when i rotate them near the rolling boulder, they stick lol this sucks xD

  5. Oh Travis, it isn't the rolling boulders fault! KI changed something when the Celestia Houses came out, for some reason now you can't rotate the carpets at all.If you accidently do, just leave and come back. For instance, if you were doing a trick near the boulder and it messed up, go outside, then go back inside. It will be back to where you had it before.