Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wysteria at Night

Yesterday I was bored. So I logged on to my second account (Little Malorn), and pvped myself for no reason. While pvping, I think I found the way to trigger "Night Time Mode". Between each turn of the pvp match, I had to minimize the screen, to switch to the other account. I think that this may be the way to turn on the dark. I don't think you need two accounts, you just have to minimize your screen a lot. I'll be testing this today to make sure this works. So, here are some pics of my latest night time adventures.

Little Malorn didn't stand a chance....

After I was done pvping myself (in a friends MFP), I had the idea to check out Wysteria at night.

Surprisingly, it wasn't that much darker than normal.

Except the classrooms of course. After that I went to check out the new houses at night.

Nice.... That may have to be the new header.

Or how about this?

Pirate Ship!

The inside was extremely dark.

The Wizard's Watchtower was even darker.

Unfortunately, the inside wasn't as dark. I was looking forward to seeing the contrast between the light of the torches, and the darkness, but I guess not.

After that I went to my Watchtower hall, and decided to try out gardening spells in the dark.

Bug Bolt

Pest Bomb


Meteor Strike!

Deep Freeze

Ice Cube

Back to the Wizard's Watchtower!

Night Time mode is as cool as ever, I'll try to trigger it again, and I'll post if I find anything cool!


P.S. The "Second Chance" Housing Contest is almost over! Don't forget to enter before it's too late!


  1. It's things like this that get me thinking, KI, why do you only listen to the bad stuff, day and night, good idea, but you don't listen to that, generally. KI, be good listeners XD

  2. Hahaha, the sun behind your head makes is like an angelic glow! hahaha! Try to make a whole bunch of ice cubes to the hand in the whirpool in the Wizard Watchtower to get on the hand.

  3. Haha, I've actually gotten to the hand using a few carpets, and other people have put teleporters to the hand. Surprisingly, you can actually walk around the hand, although it's not very big.