Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy Magic Money

So I have a nice story to tell. One day Malorn was walking around the Test Realm. Unfortunately he didn't know what to do, there was so many cool celestian furniture items, but he had wasted all his crowns very quickly. Noticing that everything at the bazaar was selling for 250 gold, he ran to the wizard city wand shop and bought a ton of the extremely cheap Wand of the Novice (40 gold), which he then went on to sell for 250 gold each. He was at about 10,000 gold when suddenly without explanation, his gold jumped up to 200,000!

Well Malorn didn't know how this happened but he didn't complain (No I didn't buy the money with crowns, I don't think it's possible to get that much $$ with the 50,000 crowns they give us) and went on to spend it as quickly as possible.

Now what could little Malorn could have done with all that money? Well this.
Yea Yea I did kinda make it sound cooler than it actually was, but I only had ten minutes to decorate before the servers went offline for maintenance, luckily it came back on the next day and I could make a video. 
Idk why the colors all messed up in the video but whatever.

P.S. That house wasn't crowns, I spent 100,000 gold to buy it.
P.P.S In the two outside pics those are cannons in the background, I think I have twelve in all (and they're about 2000 each.)                

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