Saturday, November 20, 2010

New World's?

Well, it's the natural instinct for us wizards to want more. KI spends almost a year on Celestia and already we're asking for what's next. I've heard everything from Candyland to a Zombie apocalypse world. What I'm thinking is this ....
1) That zebra guy, watsisname the big game hunter in golem court, yea him, he seems kinda bored lately. How about KI makes a Wild West world? Or Africa? Or India could possibly work too.
2) In the Colossus Blvd. quests, the gobbler king talks about how this is now 'New Gobblerton' What happened to old gobblerton? I believe he said it was overrun by evil witches. What would happen if we discovered Gobblerton?
3) All the Worlds are based off of a country that is a great empire. So we have Russia/Greece (Dragonspyre) Vikings (Grizzleheim) Atlantis (Celestia) Great Britain (Marleybone) Japan/China (Mooshu) Egypt (Krokotopia) and idk what Wizard City would be (America?) So... WHERE IS AZTECS?
they should make a south american jungle thing, with big jungle pyramids and easter island heads *turns on indiana jones music* COME ON KI I'M WAITING!!!


  1. also can't forget the mongul empire and mid evil times.

  2. ah yes good idea (hear that KI?)

  3. and while we are ranting, the Byzantines, the Sumerians, the ottomans, the Mayans, The robots, the zombies, the infected candy people (candyland), the safari, the native americans, the space age people, and The second Kingsisle Project!