Monday, December 27, 2010

Candyland: Is there proof?

I was looking at random videos, and i found this....
Now the video itself has nothing to do with the post, but the description of the video does. Heroboy102 talks about how he knows that Celestia and Candyland are going to be future worlds. Obviously we already know of Celestia, but where did he get the Information that Candyland is going to be one? I am going to try to find out if that rumor is true, and if anyone has any information they know of feel free to comment on this post.


  1. No solid proof its going to be a real world but Professor Greyrose mentioned it in an interview with the friendly necromancer it can be seen on his blog

  2. I no right! Why would a extremly dark anicent evil wizard go to candyland! i mean whats she doing wrong there making gumdrops more sugary to make the gummy bears fat? putting peeps in microwaves and making them go? or does a evil villan need a caramel topping on their milkshake everynow and then! i dont think there is a candyland. but if there is i SO GETTING THE GUMDROP HOUSE! :D

  3. Well, I remember that in the Collosus Blvd Quests, the gobbler king mentions that the gobblers old home was taken over by evil witches. Could Candyland be the gobbler home? If so then we could be fighting all sorts of evil witches, and the gobblers could be our allies.