Friday, December 31, 2010

My Celestial House

My Celestia themed house is nearing completion. I have almost every single celestia housing drop that I want. The only exceptions being a Water Mole Statue, a Sun Icon, a Marleybonian Driller, and a few more Large Willow trees. So far I have....
-2 shark huts
-2 grand astrolabes
-2 flowering celestia trees
-3 moon icons
-2 star icons
-1 large willow tree
-4 broken palm trees
-1 crane
-2 celestian ferns
-2 celestian sun dials
-1celestian power orb
-2 crab lamps
-2 brain corals
-2 tall tiki totems
-1 Stellar Protector Statue
-1 Cephalopod (Squid) Statue
-1 Water mole campfire with fish
-1 Water mole weapon rack
-1 tiki torch
-4 tall Celestian columns

And that's just all the boss drop stuff. I'm not going to count all of the stuff I  got from the celestia housing shop, because those are just to easy to get anyways. If any of you have any questions about what one of these look like just post a comment on here and I'll put some pics of the housing item on the next post.

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