Monday, December 20, 2010

Malorn hit the Celestia Housing Jackpot

After losing so many beautiful housing items to the fact that I had no gold I started my mission. It was to get a ton of gold, and farm the bazaar. So I went out , did some quests, and got a nice solid 20,000. I then went to the bazaar and started. It was a very good idea. I got....
                                                          2 of these
And ya can't forget my first catch  of the night, water mole weapon rack!
1 of these (No It isn'ta small evergreen, I accidently just had that highlighted, I believe it's called something like short palm shrub.)
                          Interesting chair, now i just need a table that matches.
Someone got this one seconds before I pressed 'Buy', Oh well, cause I got this....
The Grand Astrolabe. Just like the one in celestia base camp, only not broken.
Apart from those I got a bulletin board and another runestone spiral (my second) and also my fifth krokotpia tent.

1 comment:

  1. Wow...

    Just wow...

    I think KI really overdid themselves with the housing in Celestia.

    -Jacob Soulshard