Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Myrna hit the Celestia housing Jackpot

Today Myrna decided to follow my footsteps and do some bazaar farming. She got....
This is BIG
 Myrna waited a little too long for this one and missed it.
 This isn't celestial but I just thought it was a cool thing.
This one was too expensive.
Here's a picture of my celestia house, in the right hand corner you can see my latest catch, Watermole campfire with fish!

Also, Myrna finally got that large willow tree that I posted from yesterday. All these awesome housing items Myrna then traded to me for favors like, Me leveling her up and decorating her house. But it's definently worth it. Now there is just one more thing I really want.... THE WHITE WHALE. well not the white whale, more of the WHITE OCTOPUS. Meaning the Cephalapod Statue. He has thwarted my efforts to obtain him quite a few times now. Every time I see him in the bazaar he'll say TRANSACTION WAS NOT A SUCCESS, or i'll be out of money. Grrrr. I'LL GET YOU ONE DAY!
The evil Octopus
Well, I wonder what i'll find tomorrow!

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