Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Battlefield Update

Just a quick announcement on the subject of the crowns shop, all the stuff from test realm is on the live realm, for an enormous amount of crowns. With it comes a Bunny Outfit. Here is a quick pic that shows the proper use of said Bunny Outfit....
The Friendly Necromancer
Friendly has chosen his latest header. Other headers have included a weird brown outfit, celestia clothing, Indian Headress and Death clothes, and just a doodle of him with bat wings. Now that I have that over with, I can continue with the Battlefield. A lot has been going on this week, so I haven't been able to work on it too much, or post a lot. I probably won't be posting a lot over the next week either. Anyways, here is the battlefield!
I believe we left off at this bridge. I managed to put a few cyclops warriors here (four in fact). At the very end I plan on adding the robots. So the house might seem a bit empty until then.

Going up the stairs you see more rock shards. Some even have tiki torches to make them have a grey smoke, which is more visible at long distances than the small smoke stacks that I used in other rocks.

Here is the robot's base camp, as well as the prisoner camp for the pets.

I might add some sort of robot-making machine up here. I'll probably mix a few water pumps and some glowing celestia thing together for that.

View of the battlefield.

Now we enter the inside. It's full of rock shards and smashed furniture. Most of the furniture was made up of the worn beds and chairs, and some krokotopian wooden items (because of the dark color).

The inside is a huge maze of rocks, it's actually a little confusing.

Finally you get to the stairs.

 Like I said, it's quite a maze. At one point you come to more stairs, but, they are blocked. The only way to get to that area is to go around the battlefield, near the Survivors Camp.

Right now this is the end of the maze. I will add a lot more rocks, so the path loops back and forth. At the end there will be a robot blockade of the Library
And here is the library. This wallpaper won't stay, I just kept it for now because it is the original wallpaper, and I spent all my money on buying the rocks and books. I don't know how much I'll be able to post over the following week, but It probably won't be a lot. Happy House Decorating!

As a true housing fanatic, I love whenever a housing showcase comes out on Paige's Page, so here's the latest if you guys want to check it out!

Housing Showcase Sarai Ice & Kane Gaintblood


  1. The Heroic PyromancerApril 13, 2011 at 9:37 PM

    This goes back to the post "Some pics of the Battlefield" comments. I asked if you wanted to see my house, right? Let's meet up!
    Date: 4-16-11 Saturday
    Time: 8:00 pm Central
    Location: DS Basilica, near Cyrus Drake
    Realm: Scarecrow 1
    See you there?
    P.S. did you read my comments on the post "Lots of Updates"? Battlefield is lookin good.

  2. Love your blog Malorn.

    Could you please view mines and add it to your list?

    Here's the link:

    Thanks man! Continue the good work!

  3. @Heroic Pyromancer- Sorry, I may not be able to then. I won't be able to get on very much in the following week. After this crazy week is over, I'll try to find a good time to meet up with you.
    @M.W.S- Sure, no problem!

  4. The Heroic PyromancerApril 14, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    Umm, ok.
    just tell me when you're available.
    See you in the Spiral! -Thunderblade