Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wintertusk: I TOLD YOU SO!

HA! I said that KI probably had been working on wintertusk for a while, and that they would bring it out really soon, well, it looks like I was right! I checked out the update notes, and saw lots of awesome things! They range from new pets and spells, too a new legendary tower! Although, my favorite things were these....

Wand Stitching
Eloise has been improving her skills and she can now take the stats of one casting implement (wand, sword, etc) and place it onto the appearance of another casting implement (wand, sword etc.) Just like stitching clothing, follow her instructions carefully to ensure you choose the right items for the right effects! This transaction costs Crowns.

Statues are no longer "Limit 1"

  1. Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Drain spells.
Yes! Finally! The day all necromancers have been waiting for! *throws the old skeletal pirate spells away and sticks in the wraith*
As for the statues, that is great news for us housing maniacs. Just imagine a hall filled with statues, no longer limited by the "Limit 1". Too bad it isn't like that for mannequins too....

As for the wand stitching, that sounds pretty cool.... I may have to stitch my big "Snake Oar Staff" (The Death level 55+ staff, Cursed Staff) into something to match my fire robe.

Now you guys would probably think that Wintertusk would be my favorite thing. The only reason it isn't, is because I am no longer a member. I also skipped half of Grizzleheim, so to use crowns, I would have to buy a lot.

Also, since I'm not a member, I can't get on test realm. Darn. So you guys go out there and have fun, to make up for my loss. In other news, I pretty much finished the battlefield. The only thing left is to put robots. The only thing is, a part of me wants to leave it how it is. Due to the fact that the battlefield is pretty dark and gloomy, even for a death wizard, it is getting hard to look at for long periods of time. Also, I am pretty limited with the 150 housing item limit it has on the outside. Therefore, I can't put as much detail as I would like. So I am leaving the choice to you guys. There is a poll to the left of this post. I want you guys to vote on whether I should farm a ton of money to buy some robots, or simply leave this house how it is, and move on to another. Before you vote, I just want to say that I have tons of great ideas, but I also would love yours! On the housing ideas tab, there is a link where you guys can post your ideas of new houses you would like me to decorate. 

I guess I should stop wasting time that you could be using in the test realm, so happy test realm testing!


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  1. The Heroic PyromancerApril 27, 2011 at 4:50 AM

    Can you look at my comment below the post "Night Time Mode in The Crowns Houses" please? thanks. See you ITS!-Thunderblade