Thursday, April 7, 2011


I finally decided to get the annoying briskbreeze tower quest done with. But, it wasn't really as bad as I thought. Everywhere that I have heard briskbreeze, everyone acts like it's horrible. It really isn't. I think the reason everyone thought it was bad, was because it was the first boss to cheat. Back when it came out, I bet everyone was going crazy, trying to take a boss that simply wouldn't allow you to put traps. After lots of boss cheating experiences in celestia, and a lot more spells than a level 50, Briskbreeze isn't that hard. Here are a few of the pics.
I found this funny, Orrick said that the next bad thing would happen in Krokotopia Sorry Orrick, gotta wait for us to finish Celestia, Wintertusk, and the rest of the Morganthe Arc. 
This is just a pic of our fight with Orrick Nightglider, the final boss of Briskbreeze.

Just as Caitlin's scorch spell killed Orrick, he decided to summon some minions. I managed to kill one with a pirate, while Danielle used a forest lord to kill one and wound the other. The above pic is the final Collosus being killed by Caitlin's Helephant.

Just wandering through the tower.

You guys are probably wondering what this pic has to do with briskbreeze. Well, I have to incorporate some housing into this post too don't I? I realized that in My last post on The Battlefield, the pic I showed of this bridge didn't show the dueling diego game very well. By now that bridge has been finished. I also put broken rock shards all over the outside. Some even have tiki torches inside of them to make smoke. The only part left for the outside is the robot's prison camp. I got lots of money from briskbreeze, and it should be enough to finish the outside. From there, I have only three more rooms to finish on the inside. Then I have to do the hardest part of all, filling it with up to a hundred robots. Yikes. Nothing a bit of stormriven farming can't fix. Happy house decorating!


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  1. Gratz! Briskbreeze is "last quest standing" on my list, lol,

    Excellent post!