Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Jungle and Celestian Housing

My Jungle has had a few improvements from my last post. I did move the Marleybone camp into the Playhouse, except one little lonely tent and golem who will stay in the jungle as the survey camp. Also, I got a Marleybonian driller, and put it near the bottom of the water fall (my quicksand part). Also I made some other small changes including my scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt is basically just like Find the Smiths quests. The only difference is that you find skulls not Smiths. I've hidden three of them through out my Jungle so far, though I might hide more later on.

With the addition of my marleybone driller, I really only need one or two more things for my celestia house. First being a Solar Icon. I have two stellar icons and three lunar icons, but no solar icons. It would be cool to have all three. The other is the water mole statue. I've never seen him in the bazaar before (probably because he's so amazing). I don't know if he is Auctionable but I WILL GET HIM.



  1. Its auctionable, I've got several, and it drops from Gahlwok in the Floating Land :)

  2. Ok Thanks! Also if you want to know the best place to find celestia housing, check here