Monday, January 3, 2011

The Jungle so far

Ok here's the pics for my jungle house that I'm creating. Actually it's going to be a celestia house, but the outside is themed like the floating land.

This is the view from the entrance.
For some reason there was a glitch and I had two cats....
Anyways, you walk a few steps and if you take the left path you will see....

Fire pit! But if you take the other path....

Nothing yet....
Oh look! Something! A shark hut!

And not just one shark hut, but two! This is the view from hut one.

This is the view from hut two. Yes, this shark is taking a bite at that poor little bridge (actually I wouldn't call that a bite, he's almost swallowed it whole!). But as you continue on you will see....

Quick sand! I'm kind of scared. Maybe if I take a step forward something will happen.
Ok, guess not, maybe another step?

Oh No! What am I going to do? Well if I take a walk down this beach I might find a conveniant way out ( just so you know a blocked all ways out including the one original little ramp down to the beach by trees, in fact, the only way to get in the house is to fall through that quicksand and then follow the path I am about to show you).

Oh look, maybe I can climb up on that platform thing.

Here you can see the back of the marleybone camp, (and both my cats) though the camp may not stay here. I was thinking of moving it inside the playhouse, there being more room there and all.
After seeing the MB camp I can continue down the path....

Oh my! Is that the entrance to the inside? Yea it is, but don't go in because I haven't really started the "Celestia" part of my Celestia house.
Oh! And here's some other random pics of the jungle.

The crossroads again. The main part of this pic is my little wildclaw over there. Soon I will put spiders and bloodbats to inhabit the jungle, to bad KI doesn't make Water Mole pets.

Another view of Shark Head #2

And another view of Shark head #2

Me, with Shark Head #2 in the background (why didn't I get any pics of Shark Head #1)

Well that's it for now, thanks for reading!

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    That is great! I love it!