Thursday, January 20, 2011

Future Housing Projects

Well, I am so close to finishing my home I first called The Jungle. The Jungle part has been finished for a long time, and the inside just needs a few extra details. But I've been thinking. Making The Jungle was a lot of fun, and hosting all those great parties there was even better. But deep inside I know that I can do better. You see, the Royal Playhouse (the house I used) only allows 150 things to be put down outside. Yea, it's a lot, but I want more. So I looked toward my Myth House. It allows 250 outside and 250 inside. So after I finish my celestia house, take video of it, and hopefully get Paige Moonshade to check it out, I plan to tear it all down, and make a jungle of some sort of my myth house. I was thinking Mayan/Indiana Jones Temple. On the outside I'll attempt to make a giant Pyramid out of crates, and on the inside make it look like a temple in the middle of the Jungle.

         My other idea was a Desert Oasis. I'd make it on the large krokotopia house. On the outside it would still be a jungle, while on the inside it would be a creepy tomb sort of thing.

      With the Mayan Temple, I would use mostly Water Mole and Floating Land housing items, with a few Grizzleheim touches, while the Desert Oasis would have Floating Land and Krokotopia plant life, with a lot more Krokotopia housing. The main bonus in the Mayan temple is the 250 housing item limit, as opposed to the 150 in the Krokotopia house. Oh, and please be sure to vote on which house I should make!


Do you like the new background?

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