Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Servers down, Test Realm?

Well the Wizard101 servers are down for maintenance. Probably means nothing. Although there is a small chance, a very small chance that maybe, just maybe they will have something new. Like, well I don't know, CELESTIA HOUSES? I do know that they will come eventually, probably not now, but hey you never know. Proof of Celestia Houses come from to sources. One, Buxley Turtleton is in Celestia Base Camp (sorry I don't have a picture, servers are down remember). And, this interview with Arthur Wethersfield, Housing Programmer for Wizard101. In the Interview he does mention ideas for Celestia houses and how they will come out after celestia is released. Well, I sure hope Celestia Houses comeout, if not today, at least sometime soon.


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