Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trial of Spheres with a level 1

I tried this yesterday with a few friends, and unfortunately it didn't work how I thought it would. When I did Trial of Spheres on Malorn, it gave me 25,000 xp. So  it thought that if I used Myrna's little level 1 character (who had the same name as myrna) that it would level her up a ton, maybe to level 20 or more. Unfortunately, it did not give me 25,000. It gave me 45. No, not 45,000, just 45. Yeah. So apparently Trial of Spheres experience is based on your level. Some time I will try this with Chancel and see if it's the same thing, and if that doesn't work I'll do Portico, and if that doesn't work, well that I guess there is no way of leveling up your character 20 times in a row. Oh well. Though there are some high experience side quests I could do....

                                                            I was going to put a video here, but so far it's taken half an hour to upload and I really don't feel like waiting another half hour for it to finish.

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