Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night Glitch?

You guys may be very confused over that title, but I have found a very strange glitch indeed. It first started a few months ago, before celestia. Every now and then, usually after 8:30 at night, everything would go dark, and dark clouds would go through the sky. But if you logged off or anything, it would go back to normal. Anyways, last night the Night mode kicked on again when I was showing some people around my house. Here are the pics!
 A tiki torch in my house, one of the few sources of light. My house was VERY hard to see in the dark.
 Inside is one of my three Grand Astrolabes
 The Sun forge area of my house at night.
 Grand Astrolabe, Power Orb and some columns.
 Grotto area of my house at night. The crab lamps supply a little bit of light.
 This is kind of hard to see, but it's my fish fountain in the garden area of my house.
 This is a cool pic, me sillouetted against the sky.
 My homes survey camp area at night.
 Celestia base camp.
 District of Stars
 This is the big blimp at the floating land, sorry about the darkness, it IS night.
 The two water mole statues in the floating land.
 This is a cool pic, it's the star forge in the District of Stars at night.
 Triton statue in the floating land at night.

 More District of Stars.
This is a pic at my house again, I don't know if you can see it, but near the left of the page you can see my water mole statues staff, with the clouds behind it, so that it appears to be scythe.
So I took this last pic, when suddenly something weird happened and Wizard101 shut down. I logged back on and....
What did happen to happen to night time mode? Well, the world may never know.
Whether this was a glitch, something weird with my computer, or intentionally put there by KI, we may never know. 



  1. This is awesome. They should make nightime mode a regular part of the game. Thanks for snapping these awesome pics!

    -Jacob Soulshard

  2. Awesome! I'd love that :)