Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kevin Battleblood's PVP party

Last night I attended Kevin's PVP party. I fought in a couple of rounds, but mostly tried to explore his house. It didn't work very well as he had fenced off all exits around the pvp ring. One was blocked by a bunch of drills, another by fountains. The doors into the house were blocked by a carousel, a dragon, and a car accident. His house was pretty cool, not quite as much by the way he decorated it, just by all the cool stuff he had. Here are some of the pics.
                                  Watching a pvp match with the host.
 This is my favorite part of the house, two mannequins, arguing over a car accident.
                            Kevin Mannequin
                          Every one of the mini-game things.
                          All of Kevin's statues, including 5 or 6 Memorial Statues.
                                                            A Carousel
                                                              "Hi Kevin"

-Malorn Ghostrider

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