Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello ... I'm not sure what to write about so just .. Hello

- Myrna N.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Grizzleheim exploration

My map for the journey

My Brave pose

Grizzleheim- Where best friends are made

So thats my exploration of Grizzleheim!!

-Myrna N.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Malorn here, and if you're reading this then our blog is a success! We got some viewers! YEAH! But first, I'd like to introduce myself. If you haven't heard yet I am a lvl 47 Death student named Malorn Ghostrider. My sis is Myrna Nightrider and together we rock the spiral. Well, i gtg, cya around!

- Malorn Ghostrider


I'm kinda bored of Dragonspyre and so I've made myself another character named Brooke River, A lvl 20
theurgist who is currently in Krokotopia.

Cya 'round the Spiral!!

-Myrna N.

Pavillion Palooza

Hey guys! I just got myself a pavillion ( thanks Malorn!!) :) so  I'm quite happy,
My life minotaur Sir Vaden sits upon it like the king he is!
(I'm thinking of getting a female mannequin  and dressing her as sabrina greenstar and putting her on my pavillion)

-Myrna N.


So this is a blog about Wizard101!
and two people will be posting on this blog, Myrna (Me) and Malorn,
We'll be posting about adventures on wizard101!
If you have any questions or want something to be posted, contact us at
Hope you enjoy the blog!
-Myrna N.