Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Years Later

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. And it'll be a while until my next post. Actually, it'll be a very long while. I decided to post today to say a proper goodbye, and to solve a few issues that may come up. Oh, and I guess I'll tell my wizard story too. Let's start with that. A little over two years ago (around November I believe), my sister (the Myrna of myramalorn.blogspot.com), introduced me to this game. At first I didn't plan on playing it a lot. The first time I did a few quests and didn't get back on for a while. But when I did return, I stayed. I zipped through Unicorn Way and Triton Avenue, then searched Wizard City top to bottom for unfinished quests. Eventually, we got crowns, and blasted our way through the temple of the sun. It was around this time that I got my first house. At this point, I didn't decorate too well, and I wasn't interested in decorating well either. To me, a good house consisted of lots of expensive items. As the days wore on, we eventually got a membership, and moved through all the worlds. By the time I had gotten to Mooshu (with Myrna close behind), we discovered the blogosphere. Starting with TFN of course. I don't remember exactly where we first heard the name, but I probably heard it while walking through the commons. I decided to check it out. For a month or so I only read TFN's posts, not bothering myself with any others. Eventually, out of boredom, I explored some of the others. Surprisingly, they too were awesome! So a bit later Myrna decided to create this blog. Like with my introduction to this game, she did most of the posting at first. Then, slowly, I began to post. Soon, I was posting more than she was, and eventually she just faded out of the blog altogether. She did make a few entrances throughout the next year, but didn't stay longer than a few days.  By the time the blog was made, I had already been playing for a year. I would have been bored, but for two things. 1. Celestia had just come out. 2. I started house decorating.

It all started when I was looking around on Central. While exploring, I came across Paige Moonshade's Grizzleheim house. Up to this point, I just threw expensive items around, but after seeing that house, I was inspired. And so my first house became the Jungle. It was a success, and immediately after finishing it, I made the Island, and then the Battlefield, and so on, and so on. And if not for housing, I would have made this post a year ago. Housing kept me with the game for a long time. I loved housing so much I made a blog about it. EDIT: My point in all of this is that anyone can decorate. I started out with pretty bad houses, you just need the right inspiration to make great houses. I've heard "Oh, I'm a bad decorator" way too many times. No, you're not a bad decorator, you just need inspiration.

But now, even housing can't keep me. I've played this game for quite a long time, and while I still love it, I feel that it's come to the point that I love the community more than the actual game. I've actually only gotten on once since my last post, to buy holiday housing items. However, I've been checking blogs almost every day. I look at the posts of all these great bloggers, and get online, only to find that I have nothing to do. Apart from the slight boredom, there's also my computer.

Many of you who are friends with me in-game know that I have (sorry, had) a dumb computer. I'd often comment on the fact by saying "Stupid Computer!" after a particularly horrible freeze up. In late November, it got so bad that the computer wouldn't even turn on half the time. I tried turning it on one morning, and by that evening it still wasn't finished loading. So, that computer has been killed, and I now have a much newer computer. However, I still probably won't get on often (if at all). So, I guess this goodbye. However, I do have a few issues to sort out.

Housing101. I think it's a great site for anyone who loves housing. Whether you're a housing pro, or a beginner, it's really helpful. I was the creator and admin of the site, but if I'm gone, I can't be anymore. Therefore, I'd like to hand over adminship to Swordroll, if he will accept it. He seems to be one of the few remaining authors of the blog that still posts, and his posts are probably some of the best written in the blogosphere.

So, thank you community, for a great two years. And remember....

Happy House Decorating!

-Malorn Ghostrider