Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Final 24 Hours

There is now only 17 hours until something special hits the spiral. Everyone has already done their own theory crafting. Fin and Quinn think there are new pets, Friendly thinks it's advanced mounts, others think that KI somehow already finished Wintertusk, or at least got the level 58 pets done. I know that this isn't true, because if you look at the comments on Friendly's announcement of the timer, Professor Greyrose herself says that this isn't true. What do I think? Well I truly think that this is some kind of horrible April Fools Joke. Yeah, I know I'm being a bit pessimistic about it, but it IS going to come out on April 1.

I really hope that something new is coming out, but then again, when has KI ever given us a cool timer to tell us about an update? Either way, We'll find out tomorrow. As for my house, obviously the video wasn't working. I have no idea why, but I'll try to make another video today. If that doesn't work I'll just do a picture tour like before. If it comes to that, I'll split it up over a few days, since my house is so big. Actually, the Island Getaway is one of the smallest houses, but I used a little housing trick to make it seem bigger. I made only one single pathway through the house, and made that path move back and forth like a maze. By forcing you to take a single path, it makes the house appear larger. Anyways, I can't wait to figure out if this "Something Special" is a hoax or something amazing. Tomorrow I will be here to report about it. Until next time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Video of the Island

I finally tried to take a video of the Island. Unfortunately, my computer decided to take some sort of vacation today. The quality of the video is pretty bad, it took forever to load everything, and as I type this, it's telling me there is an error. So, I may end up just deleting this entire post. Hopefully it does work. Well, here's the video (if it actually works that is).


Kingsisle Answers

Hey Guys, I was just wandering around Wizard101 Central, when I saw this. It was started a while ago by Paige Moonshade. If you read it, KI gives away a lot of interesting information about future plans and whatnot. The last post was March 9, and topics that were discussed included....
Enchantments on Power Nova
The World that Proffesor Balestrom (and Plunkett) come from
Drop rates
And more!

If you read through the different posts, a lot of interesting topics come up. My favorites were
1. the reason that certain death spells (all drains to be exact [spells such as wraith and vampire that heal you as well as hurting the enemy]) couldn't be given sun spells like tough, strong, or gargantuan. Apparently KI says they will fix this on the next major update! Can't wait to stick a gargantuan on my scarecrow! You guys should really check it out.
And 2. What the skeletal pirate guy is actually saying. Apparently he is commanding me to thoroughly wash a voltaic eel. Hmm.
 Until next time!


Monday, March 28, 2011

New Background

Finally got rid of that old background, and got a new one. I was just starting work on my marleybonian battlefield when I looked up and saw the stars. I thought that would work better than the old one. In other news, I've given up looking for an imp to hatch with, and just spent the money on spiders for my Island House. I asked Paige Moonshade to look at my house, and am currently in the process of waiting for her to reply. I may start the beginning of my Island Story tomorrow. Then again, I may not. Until next time!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Island is Finally Done!

That's right, today I finally got the final reagents to craft the diving helmets I needed! Now my house is completely done. I decided against spearing a mannequin through the head, as that could be pretty gruesome. Anyways, in the next few days I will be showing you guys the house in the form of a story. Sorry for the short post, but I have to go brainstorm ideas for my next house. Since no one really has commented on the New House Ideas tab, I think I will just go ahead and do the apocolypse house. So, until next time, Happy house decorating!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Hatchery Testing

So I've been trying to hatch with an imp pet to make the new Cow pet. We now know that...
Unicorn + Helephant = Nightmare

Dragon + Colossus = Pet Egg
Imp + Wraith = Cow

Piggle + Stormzilla = Patriotic Leprechaun

Bloodbat + Orthrus = ???

Firecat + Hydra = Fire Beetle.

Now I found 5 adult imps. Not one had enough money. Ugh. But along the way I found someone who said they had a friend who actually owned this mysterious cow pet. So unless she is a lier, the cow is real. Nice to have some confirmation. I still want to be among the first to get it, so if any of you happen to have an adult imp, I'd love to hatch with you!


Go to the wiz101 loading screen! it says something special is coming to the spiral! Quickly! Go! Now!
P.S. This "Something Special" Just so happens to come to the spiral on April 1. Hmm.... April Fools? I sure hope not.

House Discussion

Here you can comment on your favorite houses, ideas you have, questions, suggestions, or any thing else relating to houses. I really appreciate your ideas, so please comment!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Tab, House Ideas

Since I am almost finished with my house, I have to start thinking about what I will do next. So I added a new tab on House Ideas. I will post any ideas I have, and you guys can comment on your favorites, or post othe house ideas you have! Currently there are no houses listed, and you can't comment on it. But I am working to fix that. That's all for now, See You ITS!

6 New Hybrids

Ok, I was reading around the blogs and found Journal of a heal tank. On there I noticed that he had said this....

"Apparently, according to information from THE PET MASTER, Frank Howard told him at PAX that these new Hybrids are actually the new Holiday pets, and there are 6 or 7 of them Total. Considering there are 6 WC pets, I'd probably say there would be 6 total.

Unicorn + Helephant = Nightmare (Black horse, flaming hooves, mane, and tail)

Dragon + Colossus = Pet Egg (egg w/ Duck feet)

Imp + ??? = ???

Piggle + ??? = ???

Bloodbat + ??? = ???

Firecat + ??? = ???"

It's nice to know that it that there are more. Then he goes on to say this....
"One of these hybrids is supposed to be a 4th of July style pet, and rumors abound about a Patriotic Leprechaun," Oh! So that's what that weird loading thing meant...

Can't wait for everyone to find out what the new pets are!
Happy Pet Hatching!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Night Time Mode in the Trial of Spheres

I was just walking around my house when suddenly....
The shaded friend face is always the first sign of night time mode.
I had always wondered what the Trial of Spheres looked like in the dark, so I gathered a team and went out to explore. Some areas don't look to much different, but others are pretty cool.

 Puzzle room is a bit darker, so the lights shine a bit brighter.
Darn Astreaus took us a while, but we eventually got him and his minion down.

The moon room looked pretty cool.

Dragon in th moon room.

And then we come to the sun area. Because of night time mode, the sky was pitch black, and the fire illuminated the night sky. It was pretty cool.
 Here are some pics of the fight.

I finally took out Mithraya with a gargantuan pirate. Also, here is what the character selection screen looks like....

Kind of hard to see who's who. As for my house, I've gotten almost all the pets, finished hall of the mountain goats, and am putting the finishing touches. Can't wait to finish this thing! Happy Dueling!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cool House!

Today I am going to show you someone else's cool house. Destiny Dragoncoin's MFP. Here are the pics!
Let's zoom in a bit.
There. Now, if you head up a bit, you can go to the right or to the left. Let's go left.

In the distance you can see a little gate thing, let's run past that.

That structure behind the gate is a parking garage, but it's not just that....

Some secret stairs in the back lead to the tower.

Nice. Now let's head back to the beginning and go right.
Beyond this gate is the jungle. In the jungle you will find a village....
In the village is a campfire, with a really cool basket. Destiny said that she didn't get it at the bazaar. She said she won in from someone. She didn't remember who though. Now it's time to enter the castle. The pvp area was one of the parts she obviously hadn't started on.

But inside, is my favorite part. The resturant.

Main dinning area.

Private Room 1.
Private Room 2. Unfortunately, she blocked the secret passage on both ends....

 This is another great part about the resturant area. She actually created booths!
There were some other areas she hadn't really worked on, like a room full of pets, a dungeon, and a room with nothing but a summer tree. So I'll fast foward this to the other cool part.

 I don't really know what to call this. Maybe church or something....
Well that's all for now. As for my own house, I've worked a lot on it. Now all I have to do now is save a lot of money for pets, a mannequin, and some other finishing touches. I might have a video or two that people took, but I don't know. Also, tommorow The Heroic Pyromancer has arranged to meet with me and tour the house. If anyone else wants to join us, we will be at the Jade Palace Moodha Statue at 8:00 Central time I believe (Correct me if I'm wrong Heroic...). Until next time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was just checking The Friendly Necro's page, when I saw this....
The World Will include....
A continuation of The Grizzleheim story, as well as A continuation of the crab alley story.

And, as Peter Venuti said on Friendly's post, "do you notice the horn in her hand? "The horn shall break!" Sound familiar? Is this Morganthe's next target? Does this horn keep the Spiral in tact? So many unanswered questions!"
Wow! Didn't notice that! I did think it was "The Mirror will break, the horn will call, I'll strike from the shadows and the sky will fall" But Morganthe is probably going to play a big part in this world nonetheless.
Also, On Ditto's Page, I found this video....

Hmm.... He calls it Jotungard, like that boss Jotun.... Hmm....
 Can't wait! Keep looking at Friendly's Page, as he will most likely get the info before I. Now it's time for the ridiculous ideas of what this world will be like....
Happy World Imagining!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Island: The Final Area (sort of)

Well, I am almost done with the house. Let's see the checklist.
Camp: Check
Coral Reef:: Check, except pets
Mander Village: Check
Brutus' Lair: Check
Secret Path: Check
Moodha's Tomb: Check
Krok Camp: Check
Puzzle Room: Check
Spear Room: Check except mannequin. I want to craft a mannequin, and dress them as a famous person from the wizard101 community. I was originally thinking of making it look like The Friendly Necromancer, but his clothes are somewhat difficult to obtain. So I was thinking Kevin Battleblood. Of course, It would be polite to ask if I could spear him through the face at my house first. If that doesn't work I'll do someone from the game, like Malorn Ashthorn or Penny Dreadfull.
Spider Room: Um, there aren't any spiders yet.... but other then that, Check!
Boulder Room: Check
Drill Room: Check
Crystal Caves: Check, And here are some pics!
Hmm, kind of hard to see the entrance to the cave (from the drill room). Let's shed some light on the matter.
Ah Collosus! *runs as fast as can*
Phew, Once out of the cave you come upon a ton of palm trees....

This area I call
Palm Boulevard: Check, except the Bloodbats I am going to put haning around here.
As you can see, it's quite a Jungle around here!
When you finally get out you will see
The Goat Gardens: Check, except the Goats.
Here, the peasant Goats farm the land to supply food for the big fat greedy goats who live in
The Hall of the Mountain Goats: Not Check, only the walls have been set up....

This will probably be the the last post before I give you guys the finished tour of the house. If any of you guys want to explore the house yourself, either leave a comment, or send me a message on central. Happy House Decorating!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


As many of you probably have read, Ditto had an interview with Fred Howard, the Vice President of Marketing at KI.

After watching the video I picked out a few things. One, Fred almost said the horribly insulting "P Word" (at 30 seconds in). Two, he said "There's certainly new worlds on the horizon" and three "There's some pretty cool things on the roadmap for new housing concepts". New houses? Ooh.... Malorn likes new houses.... Maybe interactive houses. Like you can walk up and hit X and something happens. Think about it.... drawbridges, secret passages that only open at your command, interactive housing items....  Whatever there is, I like it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Island/Party/Night Time Mode

Last night I was at my house, when some friends ported. Soon there was a huge party again. During the festivities two interesting things happened. One, night time mode payed me a little visit again....
Moodha's Tomb and Brutus' Lair look pretty cool at night. Anyways, the other thing that happened was that another blogger found my house. His blog is called "a pyro life" and I added it to my blogroll. It appears he also has a post on my house. Check it out!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Island: Inside is Done

Since my last full length housing post, I've improved my house quite a lot, but it is still nowhere near finished. Before starting on the inside, I improved a few things.

First improvement was the campsite. I have some scuba gear (I may craft a helmet later) a campfire, a broken robot, and a survey level. That's the little thing to the left of the campfire. After grabbing it from the bazaar,  I realized it was the final celestia housing item I needed to be able to say that I owned every single celestia housing drop. The second thing I improved was the area I previously called simply, the forest ruins. Now I have changed that to the lost tomb of moodha.

I have to say, that's one of my favorite parts of the house. Well that or the drill room....
The drill room if you're wondering is inside the temple itself. So I guess I should show you guys that huh?

When you first enter, you can see only a book, three tablets, and a wall of trees. Let's see what that book says. *reads* Oh, it says to follow the path of the dead. Well let's see, I know that trees aren't living creatures, so let's try that path.

Oh darn, it's a dead end. Well what were those other tablets? Snake and Cow Skull right?
Well snakes definently can't be living creatures, so let's try that path too.

Nope, dead end. Well, the only other choice is cow skull.

What's this? A secret passage hidden behind the tablet?

If I follow this path up a few feet, I will find two rooms.

To the left is the armory, don't touch any of the weapons though, or the spear traps will be triggered. You can see one poor explorer has already had to deal with that. Ouch.

In this room, I will float Brown Spider pets. The only reason I don't have them now is because pets are expensive. Those things cost 5000 gold. I know that isn't really that bad, but for me to get enough to cover this room could cost anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 gold! I'm leaving off pets until later, when I am almost done. Let's go check out that crypt area over there.

Lot's of mummies, they completely line the walls of this area.

After surviving the boulder, you will come across the drill room I spoke of earlier.

Now how can I get out? The way is blocked by rocks!

The secret is wood planks I floated over the drills, that form a sort of bridge over and around.

There are a lot of drills, I think five or six of them. You will keep following them until....

Freedom! Where will this tunnel lead? The final area of the house! I plan on making the cave area a crystal cavern, while making the last stretch of jungle a goat inhabited garden lined with Easter Island Heads. Happy House Decorating!