Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm here to tell you that celestia housing is out on test realm!!!
And they are awesome!!
So get yourself down to test realm and check it our!!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Poll Results

Sorry if I don't post as often as I can, it's harder to find a time to blog for various reasons. But in other news, I have here the poll results! 9 people voted, and all 9 voted on mayan temple! So I guess that's what I'll make, once I can find a time to meet with Paige. Well I have to go now, sorry for the short post, but expect more of these in the future. Bye for now!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kevin Battleblood's PVP party

Last night I attended Kevin's PVP party. I fought in a couple of rounds, but mostly tried to explore his house. It didn't work very well as he had fenced off all exits around the pvp ring. One was blocked by a bunch of drills, another by fountains. The doors into the house were blocked by a carousel, a dragon, and a car accident. His house was pretty cool, not quite as much by the way he decorated it, just by all the cool stuff he had. Here are some of the pics.
                                  Watching a pvp match with the host.
 This is my favorite part of the house, two mannequins, arguing over a car accident.
                            Kevin Mannequin
                          Every one of the mini-game things.
                          All of Kevin's statues, including 5 or 6 Memorial Statues.
                                                            A Carousel
                                                              "Hi Kevin"

-Malorn Ghostrider

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night Glitch?

You guys may be very confused over that title, but I have found a very strange glitch indeed. It first started a few months ago, before celestia. Every now and then, usually after 8:30 at night, everything would go dark, and dark clouds would go through the sky. But if you logged off or anything, it would go back to normal. Anyways, last night the Night mode kicked on again when I was showing some people around my house. Here are the pics!
 A tiki torch in my house, one of the few sources of light. My house was VERY hard to see in the dark.
 Inside is one of my three Grand Astrolabes
 The Sun forge area of my house at night.
 Grand Astrolabe, Power Orb and some columns.
 Grotto area of my house at night. The crab lamps supply a little bit of light.
 This is kind of hard to see, but it's my fish fountain in the garden area of my house.
 This is a cool pic, me sillouetted against the sky.
 My homes survey camp area at night.
 Celestia base camp.
 District of Stars
 This is the big blimp at the floating land, sorry about the darkness, it IS night.
 The two water mole statues in the floating land.
 This is a cool pic, it's the star forge in the District of Stars at night.
 Triton statue in the floating land at night.

 More District of Stars.
This is a pic at my house again, I don't know if you can see it, but near the left of the page you can see my water mole statues staff, with the clouds behind it, so that it appears to be scythe.
So I took this last pic, when suddenly something weird happened and Wizard101 shut down. I logged back on and....
What did happen to happen to night time mode? Well, the world may never know.
Whether this was a glitch, something weird with my computer, or intentionally put there by KI, we may never know. 


Friday, January 21, 2011

The Jungle: Finished!

Well I finally did it, I might take a video of it later, but for now, I'm done. Currently there are about thirty people running around my house. All I did was tell a friend that I had finished it and before long there was a horde of people at my front door. Also, I asked Paige Moonshade to look at my house, and I'm waiting for her response. I hope she says yes! Well that's all for now. Next time I post, I hope it will be about Paige's visit.

-Malorn Ghostrider

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Future Housing Projects

Well, I am so close to finishing my home I first called The Jungle. The Jungle part has been finished for a long time, and the inside just needs a few extra details. But I've been thinking. Making The Jungle was a lot of fun, and hosting all those great parties there was even better. But deep inside I know that I can do better. You see, the Royal Playhouse (the house I used) only allows 150 things to be put down outside. Yea, it's a lot, but I want more. So I looked toward my Myth House. It allows 250 outside and 250 inside. So after I finish my celestia house, take video of it, and hopefully get Paige Moonshade to check it out, I plan to tear it all down, and make a jungle of some sort of my myth house. I was thinking Mayan/Indiana Jones Temple. On the outside I'll attempt to make a giant Pyramid out of crates, and on the inside make it look like a temple in the middle of the Jungle.

         My other idea was a Desert Oasis. I'd make it on the large krokotopia house. On the outside it would still be a jungle, while on the inside it would be a creepy tomb sort of thing.

      With the Mayan Temple, I would use mostly Water Mole and Floating Land housing items, with a few Grizzleheim touches, while the Desert Oasis would have Floating Land and Krokotopia plant life, with a lot more Krokotopia housing. The main bonus in the Mayan temple is the 250 housing item limit, as opposed to the 150 in the Krokotopia house. Oh, and please be sure to vote on which house I should make!


Do you like the new background?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friendly Necromancer Party

I got this info off of Ravenwood Library. It says that there will be a party honoring  The Friendly Necromancer (Thomas Lionblood) on January 29th, 2011 3 P.M. to 7 P.M.    PACIFIC TIME, in the Vampire realm, area 1. I'll definently try to be there, and thanks to Duncan Dragonblood for hosting this awesome party. Of course it won't be awesome unless people show up, so mark your calenders, and I'll see you there!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yea! We finally made it! After almost three months we have made it to 1000 views! Sure, compared to some big sites like The Friendly Necromancer, it's nothing, but for one little site like us, it's a big accomplishment! Well, unfortunately I don't have any codes I can give for a contest. If ONLY someone would donate one....  (Hint, Hint).
Well unless some generous person decides to donate a code, then this will just be an oral celebration....
Myrna partying in celebration of our 1000 views.

Well, Happy 1000 views day!


The Jungle: Finishing up

Well, my Celestia house is nearing it's completion. Outside (the floating land themed area) is pretty much done, while the inside (celestia) has just a few more things left. Once I'm done, I will enter it in the contest and maybe ask Paige Moonshade to take a look at it. The thing that I like most about my house is that anybody could make it. Everything in my house can (and in most cases did) get bought at the bazaar. Except my pets of course, I'm still annoyed at KI for taking pets out of the bazaar. Anyways, I hope that I can finish this house soon, there isn't much left to do now.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bridge

Hey its Myrna here! I know I haven't posted recently, sorry I've been busy
but I just crafted this cool housing item called the stone bridge

So I was just wondering what your favorite crafting stuff is??

~Myrna :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Servers down, Test Realm?

Well the Wizard101 servers are down for maintenance. Probably means nothing. Although there is a small chance, a very small chance that maybe, just maybe they will have something new. Like, well I don't know, CELESTIA HOUSES? I do know that they will come eventually, probably not now, but hey you never know. Proof of Celestia Houses come from to sources. One, Buxley Turtleton is in Celestia Base Camp (sorry I don't have a picture, servers are down remember). And, this interview with Arthur Wethersfield, Housing Programmer for Wizard101. In the Interview he does mention ideas for Celestia houses and how they will come out after celestia is released. Well, I sure hope Celestia Houses comeout, if not today, at least sometime soon.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ding 58

I finally got to level 58! And first thing I did was go out and learn gargargantuan and a bunch of polymorph spells. I knew I would need all the help i could get fighting osseous. Osseous Nightreaver, in case you didn't know, is a cheating boss you have to defeat to get skeletal dragon. He has a little over 13,000 health, and puts a hex spell on you every time you use a trap, blade, or shield. I tried three times and lost every time. I went in for the fourth time and was fighting him for about ten minutes, bringing his health down to 9,000. But from all my spells, he had healed over and over, and I was running out of cards. Then Myrna told me to try using the minions you buy from the crowns shop. Osseous died within 5 minutes. So if you're fighting a hard boss like Osseous, use your minions, they're great!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Typo KI?

I've taken a few screenshots that have made me very confused. Most are typos, and most are either related to science center, survey camp, unicorn way, and aevor the swift. Well here are a few of them....

 First we have Science Center. Obviously Science center is a bit confused as it thinks it is survey camp. Sorry KI, that's typo #1.

 Next we have a map of celestia during test realm, when you were in each area, they were named what they are today, but on the map, they were different. Let's see, we have The Concourse, The Sea Caves, The Solar District, The Stellar District, and The Grand Forum.

Here we have Science Center, and we can see that even today (I took this pic just a few minutes ago) there are still some typos.
And here we have the final typo. This screen has popped up lots of times before when I tried to check the map, but this was the first one that said that Unicorn way was actually Survey camp. I don't remember where I was when I took this, but it wasn't Unicorn Way or Survey Camp. So first of all, it thinks this place is survey camp, so they show us a picture of Unicorn way. The other weird thing is Mr. Aevor the Swift's portrait next to the swinging pirate doodle. Aevor apparently decided to stop being a bear and turn into headmaster Ambrose and live in the middle of nowhereville. I have seen many others, but never thought to take a screenshot. If I find any more I'll be sure to post them.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trial of Spheres with a level 1

I tried this yesterday with a few friends, and unfortunately it didn't work how I thought it would. When I did Trial of Spheres on Malorn, it gave me 25,000 xp. So  it thought that if I used Myrna's little level 1 character (who had the same name as myrna) that it would level her up a ton, maybe to level 20 or more. Unfortunately, it did not give me 25,000. It gave me 45. No, not 45,000, just 45. Yeah. So apparently Trial of Spheres experience is based on your level. Some time I will try this with Chancel and see if it's the same thing, and if that doesn't work I'll do Portico, and if that doesn't work, well that I guess there is no way of leveling up your character 20 times in a row. Oh well. Though there are some high experience side quests I could do....

                                                            I was going to put a video here, but so far it's taken half an hour to upload and I really don't feel like waiting another half hour for it to finish.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Jungle and Celestian Housing

My Jungle has had a few improvements from my last post. I did move the Marleybone camp into the Playhouse, except one little lonely tent and golem who will stay in the jungle as the survey camp. Also, I got a Marleybonian driller, and put it near the bottom of the water fall (my quicksand part). Also I made some other small changes including my scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt is basically just like Find the Smiths quests. The only difference is that you find skulls not Smiths. I've hidden three of them through out my Jungle so far, though I might hide more later on.

With the addition of my marleybone driller, I really only need one or two more things for my celestia house. First being a Solar Icon. I have two stellar icons and three lunar icons, but no solar icons. It would be cool to have all three. The other is the water mole statue. I've never seen him in the bazaar before (probably because he's so amazing). I don't know if he is Auctionable but I WILL GET HIM.


Monday, January 3, 2011

The Jungle so far

Ok here's the pics for my jungle house that I'm creating. Actually it's going to be a celestia house, but the outside is themed like the floating land.

This is the view from the entrance.
For some reason there was a glitch and I had two cats....
Anyways, you walk a few steps and if you take the left path you will see....

Fire pit! But if you take the other path....

Nothing yet....
Oh look! Something! A shark hut!

And not just one shark hut, but two! This is the view from hut one.

This is the view from hut two. Yes, this shark is taking a bite at that poor little bridge (actually I wouldn't call that a bite, he's almost swallowed it whole!). But as you continue on you will see....

Quick sand! I'm kind of scared. Maybe if I take a step forward something will happen.
Ok, guess not, maybe another step?

Oh No! What am I going to do? Well if I take a walk down this beach I might find a conveniant way out ( just so you know a blocked all ways out including the one original little ramp down to the beach by trees, in fact, the only way to get in the house is to fall through that quicksand and then follow the path I am about to show you).

Oh look, maybe I can climb up on that platform thing.

Here you can see the back of the marleybone camp, (and both my cats) though the camp may not stay here. I was thinking of moving it inside the playhouse, there being more room there and all.
After seeing the MB camp I can continue down the path....

Oh my! Is that the entrance to the inside? Yea it is, but don't go in because I haven't really started the "Celestia" part of my Celestia house.
Oh! And here's some other random pics of the jungle.

The crossroads again. The main part of this pic is my little wildclaw over there. Soon I will put spiders and bloodbats to inhabit the jungle, to bad KI doesn't make Water Mole pets.

Another view of Shark Head #2

And another view of Shark head #2

Me, with Shark Head #2 in the background (why didn't I get any pics of Shark Head #1)

Well that's it for now, thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creating The Jungle

Today I was looking through random blogs and I came upon Paige's Page. Before this I was familiar with some of Paige Moonshades amazing houses, but after looking at her representation of Pandora (the world from Avatar) I was fascinated by how much detail there was. After seeing those I looked at my own house and was very unsatisfied with it. So I completely demolished it. I am now starting to decorate what I call.... The Jungle. It has trees, plants, campfires, huts, and even some quicksand! I'm very pleased with what I have so far, but it's not done yet, not even close. Tommorow I'll get some screen shots of what I've  built already.